Dreams and Goals, Fresh Starts, Greatness

Something You’ve Planted

I’m no gardener.  I’m from the city.  “Gardening” when I grew up consisted of watering my grandmother’s plants – indoors.  So when I moved away from the city and bought my first home, I tried my hand at gardening.  A few cucumbers and melons later, I thought I was an expert.  Each year the ground… Continue reading Something You’ve Planted

Destiny, Help Yourself, Moving Forward

Your Day, Your Time

Who is responsible for what you do with your time?  Who is accountable for what you accomplish with your 24 hours?  It would be tempting to attribute that responsibility to your children, your spouse, your boss or all the people you've obligated yourself to.  But the fact of the matter is, it's up to you.… Continue reading Your Day, Your Time

Dreams and Goals, Help Yourself, Moving Forward

Doing What Works For You – Part 1

Do you know and do what works for you?  Have you had success or experienced the high of achieving a goal?  If so, did you follow that blueprint in future endeavors?  Or are you one of those people that seems to abandon what worked in hopes of achieving your subsequent goals by some stroke of… Continue reading Doing What Works For You – Part 1