Destiny, Light, Moving Forward

Let Your Light So Shine

So I’ve been hearing God talk about “light” for so long now through scriptures, and people and sermons and even His voice on the inside.  Finally, yesterday I asked Him, “How?”  How do I shine.  What does that actually mean?  The gist of it is this – making vision possible for others by making your… Continue reading Let Your Light So Shine

Destiny, Moving Forward

You Are Someone’s Lighthouse

What if what you have or who you are is the answer to some’s prayers.  What if you are a generation changer?  What if the thing (s) you have in your hand was put in your hand specifically for you to make an impact, to be a lighthouse? Yet there you stand waiting for enough… Continue reading You Are Someone’s Lighthouse

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Find Yourself in Your Work

It's amazing to realize that no matter how old we get, we never know everything about ourselves.  We are constantly evolving and changing, so there may be things we don't understand and may never understand.  Our likes and dislikes can change.  What we consider "needs" can change.  It's a continual process. I heard an artist… Continue reading Find Yourself in Your Work

Moving Forward

Moving Past Your Inhibitions – Part 3

Remedy #3 – Focus and Resilience So, last week I wrote all my to-do’s, expectations and intentions down on paper.  I was ready to attack the week head-on and move past inhibitions and distractions.  And then…the garage. I heard a noise coming from the garage.  Sounded kind of like a sprinkler.  And it was.  Some… Continue reading Moving Past Your Inhibitions – Part 3