Destiny, Light, Moving Forward

Let Your Light So Shine

So I’ve been hearing God talk about “light” for so long now through scriptures, and people and sermons and even His voice on the inside.  Finally, yesterday I asked Him, “How?”  How do I shine.  What does that actually mean?  The gist of it is this – making vision possible for others by making your… Continue reading Let Your Light So Shine

Destiny, Moving Forward

You Are Someone’s Lighthouse

What if what you have or who you are is the answer to some’s prayers.  What if you are a generation changer?  What if the thing (s) you have in your hand was put in your hand specifically for you to make an impact, to be a lighthouse? Yet there you stand waiting for enough… Continue reading You Are Someone’s Lighthouse

Destiny, Moving Forward

Moving Past Your Inhibitions – Part 1

How do you move past inhibitions?   One of the reasons this blog has been a huge step for me is that I’m naturally averse to all manner of social media.  Yes, I have social media accounts.  No, I do not post anything.  Not words, not pictures.  I will, on occasion, share the work of a… Continue reading Moving Past Your Inhibitions – Part 1

Destiny, Help Yourself, Moving Forward

Your Day, Your Time

Who is responsible for what you do with your time?  Who is accountable for what you accomplish with your 24 hours?  It would be tempting to attribute that responsibility to your children, your spouse, your boss or all the people you've obligated yourself to.  But the fact of the matter is, it's up to you.… Continue reading Your Day, Your Time