Many (many, many) years ago I discovered that I enjoyed writing.  I’d write stories with childish imagination, poetry about silly things… I even tried my hand at rap a couple times (but anyway).  As I got older my content changed to that of a distressed teenager and then to that of a hurting young adult who could only find solace in notebooks and pens.

When I finally left home, I started my first story, again with pen and paper.  I ultimately bought a typewriter (because I couldn’t afford a computer) and worked at my story as often as I could.  Then life seemed to happen and I stopped.  Every few years, I’d pick up that story again and continue to write but never with any consistency.

Somewhere along the way I realized that writing was a dream God had placed in me that I had been neglecting.  Since then, I’ve heard Him say over and over again, “Write.”  This blog is a part of my attempt to do that.  To write as often as possible.  I don’t think my voice is any more powerful or profound than anyone else’s.  I’m not writing for political aspirations to round up lots of Twitter followers.  I’m not even big on social media.  But my prayer is that someone will read something here that is inspirational, motivational and ultimately instrumental in you moving from where you to where He has called you to be.

The only thing I ask of you is that you keep your eyes on fearlessness.  Not necessarily that you achieve that every day, but keep your eyes on it.  Apply anything you learn here.  Seek God and His desires for life.  Be stirred up.  Be. inspired.