Move Like the Clouds

Sometimes, God moves you like the clouds.  Some are moving conspicuously fast, while others seem to not move at all.  But no cloud stays in the same place forever.  Some clouds move so slowly that you forget about them, assuming that they will be there forever.  Stagnant.  Useless.  But eventually, you look up and the formation has changed, the mass has moved or evolved.  In fact, most of it is out of sight.  Sometimes, if you wait long enough for that second look, the clouds are completely gone, moved further to it’s next location.

Don’t be mad if it seems like you’re not moving.

Don’t look at how fast everyone else is moving.  Just trust that God is in fact moving you and that you will get where you need to go.  You’re “next” may require that you move slowly now.  There are resources you need to pick up along the way.  And ultimately, you will find that there are times when you’re moving faster than others are.

Today, just try, even if for a moment to change your perspective about where you are.  Your circumstances may not be ideal for you right now, but is there any benefit in it?  Only you can answer that.  But be gentle with yourself and show yourself some grace.

Be Blessed.

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