Destiny, Moving Forward

You Are Someone’s Lighthouse

What if what you have or who you are is the answer to some’s prayers.  What if you are a generation changer?  What if the thing (s) you have in your hand was put in your hand specifically for you to make an impact, to be a lighthouse? Yet there you stand waiting for enough validation from the world.  Waiting for the right time to start.  Waiting for the day you get yourself COMPLETELY  together (which, let’s all face it, is not going to happen).

What if you started today?  What if you did one little thing that you’ve been putting off…and it changed someone’s life (whether or not they tell you about it).  Stop holding on to what you can do, stop clutching your greatness and live out your purpose.  No validation required.

Today is the day.  Turn your light on and let it reach who it may.  But you’ve GOT to turn it on!

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