The Strength Problem: Mountains Don’t Bow

I’ve been contemplating the problem with strength.  Yes, the problem with strength.  Seems silly doesn’t it?  How can strength be a problem?  How can an asset be issue?  Simply put, strength draws and strength reveals.

When strong people are bold in their strength, it can rub “weaker” people the wrong way.  It can be perceived as arrogance or pride.  People sometimes view strength as a reason to critique or chastise, as a reason to (try) force themselves between the person and their strength – as if you could make Superman hug a piece of kryptonite.  People want everyone to be like them: to achieve the same degree of success (so they don’t feel badly about their own failures); to work the same hours (so they don’t feel badly about their own laziness; to have the same beauty or lack thereof (so they don’t feel badly about their own faces); to crumble at the same circumstances that would make them crumble (so they feel justified in the spot where they gave up).  And when stronger people don’t comply with those wants, then clearly – clearly – something must be wrong.  You don’t know how to accept help.  You don’t know when to sit down or slow down.  People get pissed at your strength to your desire to be strong.

Conversely, please don’t be a strong person whose having an off day, a moment of vulnerability, the need for a hug or shoulder to cry on.  You may find yourself alone.  The people who criticized you yesterday for your strength expect that you’ll be strong.  Why?  Because you’re the strong one, remember?  The go-to for everything.  The project will be dropped on your desk because you’re the finisher.  The work will be left for you to do because you can handle it, right?  Your problem is yours to figure out because you’re a problem solver no?  They can’t make it without your strength, but they hate it when you’re strong.  They can thrive without your resolve, but they hate it when your resolve trumps their desire to quit.

Strength is a turn-on and a turn-off.  Strength is what they want; what they wish they had.  The problem with strength is that it’s their Achilles heel, but it feeds them.  So what’s the solution if you’re strong or talented or reliable or whatever it is that God has given you?  Simply be you.  Be strong when they love it and when they hate it.  Be talented when the applaud and when they criticize.  Be loveable when they hate you.  Just never stop being you.  Mountains Don’t Bow.

Go be blessed today.

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