Moving Forward

Moving Past Your Inhibitions – Part 3

Remedy #3 – Focus and Resilience

So, last week I wrote all my to-do’s, expectations and intentions down on paper.  I was ready to attack the week head-on and move past inhibitions and distractions.  And then…the garage.

I heard a noise coming from the garage.  Sounded kind of like a sprinkler.  And it was.  Some blue canister thingy on top of the water heater was spraying the walls.  The water was running down the walls and across the garage floor.  I got on the phone.  Insurance company, repair man, husband – none of whom could help at the time.  So I tried to regain my composure and went back inside because I am not a plumber and all I could do was wait.

About 30 minutes later, the sprinkler sound intensified.  Back in the garage, I saw that we had a full-on water park.  It sounded more like a storm now.  The water was shooting through the ceiling…and then down the walls and across the garage floor.  More phone calls.

A rain jacket, towel, and bucket later, water was coming down in the living room and I was in the front yard looking for a valve to cut all water to my house.  It was 9 a.m.

I needed to pick my mother up from the airport at 10:30 and I was still in pajamas, as was my daughter.  All my planning and writing and expectations slowly faded in to the background, drowned out by the veritable ocean I was wading through in my house.

So here it is, a week later and I got the lesson.  Although there was A LOT going on in my home (and the hotel we ended up staying in that night), I should have kept my focus and resolve.  In every situation, we can only do what we can do.  Worrying doesn’t help (believe me, I’ve tried).  Frustration doesn’t help.  Panic doesn’t stop the waterfall in your garage.

I think I could have gotten a lot more done in the midst of everything that was going on.  I could have continued to write each day.  I could have taken more time to pray or just be silent for a few minutes each day.  Instead, I lost my momentum and became wrapped up in my circumstances and all the work I did to try to overcome inhibitions was rendered ineffective.  The inhibitions won out, not because I consciously gave up, but because I lost focus.

Some life events take a lot more time and energy than we’d like.  We can’t always control what pops up in a day.  But we can resolve to remain composed and focused.  We can choose to be wise enough to know that we can only do, what we can do and no more.  We can keep our eyes on moving past the inhibitions. (that are conveniently hiding behind circumstances).

How have you let circumstances overcome your best intentions, and how did you overcome them?  Let me know below.

Go BE Blessed.

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