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Moving Past Your Inhibitions – Part 2

Remedy #2 – Intent

This week we are moving past our inhibitions.  How do we do that?  Remedy #2 is intentional living.  A day without intent is like a day in darkness.  Any task performed without intent is like a fuzzy dream.  There is no expected end, no joy in the task, no edification, no grand finish.  Just a vague memory that you were busy with something.  Intent shapes – outlines – a path from one point to another.  It gives light to not only what we are doing, but why we are doing it.  Intent carries us closer to a pre-set destiny, fulfillment of a God-given purpose.  Without intent, days blur in to each other, busy is confused with productive, time is wasted, opportunities for “better” are missed.

Jesus came to this Earth with a purpose.  He didn’t come ambling around trying to figure out what to do.  Even as a child, He was about His Father’s business.  He moved, He spoke, with intent.  He knew His divine purpose and everything we read about Him doing in the Bible was intentional and with the ultimate goal of fulfilling His purpose.

Many of us, as children, have passions, a desire for something we enjoy – a God-given dream.  As we become older, we lose focus on this passion and we begin to exist, day by day, task by task, job after job, wasting away with no intent or drive behind what we are doing.  We fade in to the background of life not realizing until so much time has been wasted (if we even realize at all), that we stopped chasing, stopped wanting, stopped moving with intent.

Make a decision that this will not be your story.  Make a decision to do something that stirs up your dream.  Decide to live with intent and do it day by day.  Lay your intentions for the day out on paper.  Look at them several times throughout the day.  Take action.  It will make a world of difference and your inhibitions will be a few steps further behind you when you lay down tonight.

What are you going to be intentional about today?  Comment below and don’t forget to like and follow.

Go BE Blessed.

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