Destiny, Moving Forward

Moving Past Your Inhibitions – Part 1

How do you move past inhibitions?   One of the reasons this blog has been a huge step for me is that I’m naturally averse to all manner of social media.  Yes, I have social media accounts.  No, I do not post anything.  Not words, not pictures.  I will, on occasion, share the work of a friend with my tiny number of FB “friends”.  I look at my nieces’ pictures and click “like”.  I guess in a way, I’m like an online stalker.  But then, God….

I’ve never been afraid to speak in front of crowds.  I’ve never been one to hold back my opinion – ever.  But as God has kept telling me to write for the past cajillion years, I’ve realized that great posts, profound inspiration, or spectacular content mean nothing if they don’t reach an audience.  Someone has to read it for impact to take place.  It also occurred to me that people are not going to randomly stumble upon my blog no matter how much I will it to happen.  So I gotta….dare I say it…promote.  And…network.  And…connect with people.  I have to use social mediaaaaaaaaa (*in my over dramatic superhero fighting for his life voice with an echo*).  I have to write with consistency.

So for a couple days, let’s talk about getting over our inhibitions, our issues and our hesitations.  You know, the things we use as excuses for not doing what we should.  I have a few of those.

Remedy #1 – Pursue

In 1 Samuel 30, (hang on, this is going to be the paraphrased, really quick version) David’s family and the families of his army of 600 were all captured while they were out to battle.  Not only was David reeling from the loss of all the wives and children, his men were blaming him (offered to stone him, actually).  A bad situation was getting worse by the minute.  David’s solution?  Ask the Lord if he should “pursue”.

It’s great to read accounts of great, heroic people doing great, heroic things but remember that David was human.  If, for simplicity’s sake we assume that every man had one wife and one child, their enemy had had made off with about 1,200 people.  (They popped out babies like jack rabbits back then and were known to have more than one wife, so I’m pretty confident that the number was much higher.  You have to be pretty large in number to capture and kidnap 1,200 people.)  David’s men had just returned from battle.  They were tired, probably ready to sit down for a minute.  But no, they had to keep moving to get what they wanted.  To add insult to injury, 200 of the men were too weak to go on.

What did all this mean?  David and the remaining 400 had to go after something that was bigger than themselves.  Bigger than what logic and reason would dictate they could handle.  They didn’t have a week to recuperate.  They didn’t have time to power nap.  They had to move.  They had to pursue to get what they desired.

Some of us have a dream, a desire, a goal, that we know is just too important to let slip away.  Still we procrastinate.  We sit around feeling sorry for ourselves.  We sit around overthinking it.  We sit around watching Netflix so we can wind down and THEN we will figure out what to do next.   Only we get sleepy after 4 hours of Netflix and decide to sleep on it.  We have every opportunity to pursue.  We have the internet that connects us to people we would otherwise never connect with.  We have social media where we can share our ideas and products.  We have ways to network that previous generations would have given a limb for.  But we sit in complacency.  We have the luxury of deciding whether or not to use all the wonderful tools that are available to us.

So let’s not be mediocre.  Decide today that you will pursue your “it”.  Your dream, talent, gift, whatever it may be.  Every time an inhibition rears it’s head, fight back with some form of pursuit, however small it may seem.  If you are allergic to social media, like me, post something.  Take a small step towards doing something different.

Let me know how you plan to pursue.  Don’t forget to like and follow!

Go BE Blessed.

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