Destiny, Help Yourself, Moving Forward

Your Day, Your Time

Who is responsible for what you do with your time?  Who is accountable for what you accomplish with your 24 hours?  It would be tempting to attribute that responsibility to your children, your spouse, your boss or all the people you’ve obligated yourself to.  But the fact of the matter is, it’s up to you.

If I waste today, it’s on me.  If I don’t properly prioritize what’s important, that’s on me.  If  I miss out on an amazing opportunity to create, to meet people connected to my destiny or to impact my surroundings…all on me.

Each day you have to consider your dreams.  Each day you have to take your experiences and figure out how to do something absolutely awesome with them.  Every day you should purpose inn your heart to take at least one step forward (even half a step is better than none.  I don’t believe in stagnation.  I believe that you are either moving forward or stepping back – no middle ground.

Today is the day to take everything you have, everything you know, and every dream to do something new, something different, something awesome. Today may be the day that get you a little bit closer to your destiny.

Go BE Blessed.

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