Destiny, Moving Forward

Understanding Your Worth

What is it that God has designed you to do? Is it writing, counseling, speaking, building, teaching? Each person has a unique gift and skillset that can be used to impact the world. Each of us has a task to complete and countless opportunities to make a mark in the world. The problem is often our perspectives on the gifts or skillsets we’ve been given to work with.

What we can sometimes fail to realize is that there are no superheroes…just regular human beings who use what they have to impact others in superhero fashion. We look at business people, athletes, artists, doctors, educators, and we are in awe of the wonderful things they do. And after we fall in to comparison to what we haven’t done, it seems as though we are lacking, less than, underqualified, useless, or weak.

But the issue is not that the people we tend to idolize are better than us. They just have a different perspective of their gifts and abilities. They view them as valuable and worthy of nurturing and they treat them as such. They put their tools to work because they know that they can fill a need in this world. They gain fulfillment, gratitude from others, and sometimes even wealth and notoriety simply because they use what is in their hands and do it intentionally.

What would happen if you changed your perspective? What would happen if you treated your abilities like they were valuable, fragile, deserving of attention, or crucial to someone else’s success or ability to thrive? What if you stopped believing that you are run-of-the-mill, ordinary and powerless? How would your life change TODAY? How would you approach your day differently?

Stop comparing what you have, to what other people have. Stop diminishing your gift. Stop underestimating yourself. Put your unique abilities to work. Don’t wait for what you THINK are ideal circumstances. If you regard the weather, you’ll never plant (Ecclesiastes 4:11). Do something, anything, with what you have today. You can change the world.

Let me know how you want to change the world with your gifts and don’t forget to like and follow!

Go BE blessed.

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