Help Yourself

The Importance of Listening

Listening can be difficult, especially when the world is screaming, when its chaos seems to take over all your senses.  Sometimes we choose not to listen.  We choose not to tune in to His still small voice, so gentle and soothing; so calm and so NOT what we want to hear at times.  Can’t God just be angry or sad or despondent with me, just once?  Can’t He tell me to take the low road?  We can be so comfortable with hopelessness, anger and self that we turn a deaf ear to Godly reason and direction.

Today I have to choose to take the bull by the horns, to charge in head first…to listening.  I must choose to be strong enough to listen, knowing that the voice may not come right away.  I just may have to wait.  I have to be patient and, oh Lord, even quiet.  I have to be intent about listening all day.  I have to get what I need from Him because no one else can get it for me, because no other way is better than His.  And I may have to find a quiet space to do it.  Doesn’t matter if it’s your car, the bathroom, a closet…just try to listen.

There are days when I can go day by day.  There are other times when I’m making it hour by hour.  But if nothing else, today I’m listening.

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Go BE Blessed!

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