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How to Deal When Words Cut Deep

When loved ones say the wrong words, cut a little too deep (as they often will), or don’t offer the support you wish you had, what do you do?  It provides a great opportunity to fold.  To grab your blanket, hide in the corner and pretend your dreams and goals never existed.  After all, if the ones closest to you won’t believe in you, who will?

Words can hurt.  And sometimes even when they don’t hurt, they lie dormant, waiting to resurface later on. To distract you, discourage you and keep you from that little leap of faith that’s been calling your name.  Sometimes, it’s what we use as an excuse for not moving forward.

So here’s the part where you figure out where your relationship with a loved one or friend is important enough to keep even when they don’t support you. And if it is, you figure out how far you can go with that person. What can you count on them for? What can they count on you for? Is this someone you would take into battle with you?  Can you tell them what your goals are?

Once you figure it out, keep things in perspective.  Don’t invest more than your getting in return.  And by ALL means, block out the negativity.  If they don’t believe in you, so what?  They didn’t out the call on your life.  They didn’t give you the gift or the talent.  Let it go and keep it moving.

Let me know how you’ve dealt with words that cut deep

Go BE blessed (and don’t forget to follow!)



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