Help Yourself

Package Has Left Manufacturer

Do you love getting packages? I absolutely do. I have since I was a child. I love knowing that something that I ordered or, better yet, a surprise that someone packed up for me, is on the way. When I was younger delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and even the Post Office, did not have online tracking. You had to assume your package was on the way. You may have had a general delivery time frame, but would never know for sure. Whenever I ordered something from a catalog, I’d be on egg shells for what seemed like forever.

Sometimes, my father, who wasn’t really around much would call to say he had mailed something to me or my brother. We would get super excited at the prospect of what would be inside. Unfortunately, packages from him rarely (very rarely) came when he promised them. We learned, at first, to just be disappointed and take it in stride. Eventually we learned to just not believe him.

I’ve been thinking about how God send us packages – blessings. In the 10th chapter of Daniel, Daniel prayed and God immediately sent help – the package – in the form of an angel. But the angel was delayed for 21 days as he battled with satan. While he waited, Daniel fasted and continued to pray, but he never gave up. Like a child expecting a package, but not knowing when it would arrive, he maintained a spirit of expectation, never doubting that the answer was on its way. I was wondering what would have happened if he gave up on God on day 5, day 15, day 20. I believe he would not have been ready – spiritually or physically ready to get what he needed.

Sometimes the world makes us promises. People guarantee delivery of loyalty, friendship, help, confidence, sincerity, love…you name it. But we’re often disappointed. After waiting for the delivery day in and day out, month in and month out, year in and year out, we become jaded. At first we learn to deal with the disappointment but eventually, we just stop believing. And if we’re not careful, we can do the same to God. We can stop expecting, stop believing and totally give up on getting what we asked for or need. When we’re tempted to hang our heads and walk away, we have to remember that God is not on our clock. There is no tracking system that lets us know the exact day and time our answer will arrive. We can’t put God on a schedule. But we can always rest assured that He does indeed answer and that the answer is always timely.

If you’re tempted to give up, to quit, or to just walk away from what you’ve been wanting, consider Daniel and his posture after he prayed. Set yourself in position to receive, to be spiritually and physically ready for what you’ve asked the Father for.

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