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Doing What Works for You – Part 2

So, yesterday was about self-sabotage and why we don’t do the very things that work for us.  The things that might carry us to our dreams and to the sense of accomplishment we desire to have.  Today, we’ll talk about the first reason – I know this has slowed me down.  You may have more reasons that what we’ll cover but the idea here is to begin to identify what it is about you (please don’t blame anyone else) that is holding you back.  It might not feel great at first, but trust me, it’s liberating.  And if you’ll listen to what you discover and become intentional about changing, you’ll see amazing results.

Self-Sabotage Reason #1 – Complacency

Complacency is a thief of success.  It sits by while you invent and research and plan and purpose to do things.  And just when you’re ready to move on it. Complacency steps in and says, “But why? We’re so comfortable where we are.  Yes, its mediocre, but we do it so well.”  Like sirens chanting an eerie tune that lulls sailors to sleep, complacency dulls the senses and the desire to excel, to succeed.  And months – sometimes years – later we wake up adrift in the middle of an ocean.  There’s blue in all directions.  No sign of land.  No people, no birds.  Just faint memories of a great idea that now seems so fleeting and distant.

You’ll have to decide to be unhappy with this. You’ll have to decide that the norm is not good enough any more.  You’ll have to get up and move – even if you don’t feel like it – away from what you have allowed yourself to become accustomed to.  Be uncomfortable with being broke.  Be uncomfortable with being lazy.  Be uncomfortable with being unhealthy.  Be uncomfortable with being unaccomplished.  Then, do something different.  Step out the box.  Resuscitate a dream.  TURN OFF THE T.V. Write a little each day.  Pray.  Seek God for guidance.  Whatever you do, just don’t stay where you are.

Reason #2 tomorrow……

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