Dreams and Goals, Help Yourself, Moving Forward

Doing What Works For You – Part 1

Do you know and do what works for you?  Have you had success or experienced the high of achieving a goal?  If so, did you follow that blueprint in future endeavors?  Or are you one of those people that seems to abandon what worked in hopes of achieving your subsequent goals by some stroke of luck?  Me?  I have a track record of succeeding when I write it down and speak it.  When I put it on paper – and I mean long term (as in a year from now) and short term (as in daily) I see results.  I’ve even learned that those short-term, daily lists, keep the long-term lists alive.  Without daily attention, those long-term lists die a slow, agonizing death in a desk drawer, covered in 30 notebooks I’ve filled with fabulous, world-changing ideas.  They turn up every 5 or so years when I’m cleaning out said drawer – those long-term lists.  They stare at me with raised eyebrows and twisted lips, profanity on the tips of their tongues and disappointment in their eyes.

But all too often, I let them die.  I neglect those lists and speaking affirmations about what I want to do.  And I get the expected results – nothingness, emptiness, regret, and a round of kicking myself in the behind.

But why?  Why this self-sabotage?  Intention-less living.  Day by day, routine, in-a-slump, not-thinking-forward, intention-less living.  Just like credit cards – dangerous.

This is just Part 1.  We’ll take a look at some of the reasons we constantly put ourselves through this ringer tomorrow.

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