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Life Gives Us Signs: Here’s How to Follow Them

Ever pray for a sign?  Ever ask God to let you know whether or not you were on the right path?  Ever been confused about what to do next?  God is a sign-maker.  He’s the Master of signs and He places them all around us to let us know when we are headed for danger or actually headed in the right direction.  But often, we miss them.  The very thing we pray for, we pass up.

I was headed downtown yesterday and drove past a building that I’d never seen before.  It’s a hotel, (maybe a motel) and was pretty hard to miss.  I could tell it wasn’t brand new.  It’s a bit worn, but the parking lot was packed.  It’s close to the street, with no vegetation around it.  In other words, it wasn’t hidden.  I have no idea how I could have ignored this place all these years.  But yesterday, the weather was beautiful, the windows were down and the radio was off.  No singing, no dancing, no chatting on the phone.  I was just enjoying the breeze.  So, for the first time, in the absence of distractions, I saw it.

It’s like that with God’s signs.  We can get the same message from God ten times.  “Go this way.”  “Don’t do it.” “Wait.”  But we get so distracted with noise and people and issues and phone calls…..  We end up passing the obvious and arriving where He never intended for us to be.

One of the things I love about God is that He never forces Himself on us.  If we want to hear from Him – reeeeealy want to hear from Him – we have to be intentional.  We have to find quiet spaces and moments on purpose.  We have to disallow the noise.  It’s then that we find His still, small voice (oh, how I wish He would shout sometimes!).  It’s then that we notice that, yes, He has been answering our prayers – we just weren’t listening.  And when we see the signs, we are reminded that, forever true to His Word, He has never left us or forgotten us.

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