Moving Forward


Missed opportunities.  I’ve missed opportunities and blessings and immeasurable awesomeness because I tend to be unprepared for the things that matter the most.  I stay busy with little things, trivial things and others’ things, but for my own, I’ve been unprepared.  My stomachs knots up when I think of all the opportunities I’ve missed simply because I was unprepared (especially the ones I don’t even know about…I think God has spared me that knowledge because I probably couldn’t handle it).

Prepare today for what you want tomorrow.  Not just in your mind.  Do it physically,  intentionally, and regularly.  Because missed opportunities suck.

I’m challenging myself to view my life from the supply side instead of the need side (because I watched this).  It’s occurred to me that if I am always viewing from the need side, my propensity to prepare might be diminished.  If my view is, “I can’t lose because God has already provided”, then I’m already half-way there and my preparation may be better.  Sometimes we tend to focus on the obstacles (and doesn’t the devil stop us right there some days???) instead of the goal.  Today, I choose to focus on the goal.

I’m gonna need some scripture support to get through this so here it is:

Ecclesiastes 11:4 – Keep waiting for perfect conditions if you want to – you’ll never get anything done. (I’m good for this one.  I’ll prep for the prep of the preparation to make sure everything is perfect first…never happens though.)

Isaiah 60:1 – Get off your butt and do something, God’s already doing His part.

Psalm 139:14 – He made me with care and intention, but He didn’t create me to live in mediocrity.

Walk with me in preparation for what God has next for you (and let em know how you’re doing with it…) – JP




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