Dreams and Goals

Smoke and Mirrors

My walk is not strong enough.  My faith is not good enough.  My prayers are not powerful enough.  My fruit is not plentiful enough.  It’s all smoke and mirrors.

My singing is not sincere.  The lifting of my hands is routine.  The hugs and smiles I give my brothers and sisters are phony.  All smoke and mirrors.

These are all lies the enemy tells to get me to believe that I’m not moving forward, not prospering, not good enough.  If he can convince me that my work is in vain, that my steps are inadequate, and that my efforts are futile, he can convince me to stop.

It’s all smoke and mirrors.

If he can get me to entertain the thought that maybe, just maybe, God’s Word is not true and that there is no reward for my faith and works…if he can convince me that life was easier before I got saved, he can take me completely out the game.

It’s all smoke and mirrors – illusions to diminish my sense of worth and ability.  Just other ways he distract me from the fact that I AM moving forward, my work is NOT in vain, my fruit is INCREASING.  I #knowwhoIam when I wake up in the morning and so does my enemy.  My resolve to keep being brave enough to keep moving must outweigh his resolve to dampen my spirit.

Know who you are.  Don’t give up.  Don’t believe the hype.

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