Dreams and Goals, Moving Forward

The End of My Day

Why does my dream always get the end of my day?  The last of my energy?  The residue of my alertness and attention?  Why does my talent wait until last…especially when I know I could have given it more time earlier in the day?  Is this how dreams die?  Not because there was something wrong with them, but because they simply become neglected.  Front burner…back burner…no burner.  Dream? What dream?

For the rest of the year, the goal – the ultimate goal – each day, is to move forward.  Simply move forward.  Achievements don’t build themselves.

Move. Forward.

I truly believe God gives everyone a dream.  But it’s not His job to work at it.  It’s mine  It’s yours.  So use your voice.  Use your talents.  Use what He gave you, right where you are, however you can.  And move.  Forward.

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