Fresh Starts

Another Start-Over

One of the most gracious things about God is that He lets us start over.  If  our success was  determined solely by our falls, we’d all be absolute failures.  But it’s not about the fall, it’s about getting back up and moving again.

I fell in a hallway at work once.  I was walking and talking and waving and wearing pants with a huge cuff and also, unfortunately, wearing heels.  It was slow motion and the hallway was packed – PACKED – with people.  Ever fall and want to play “unconscious”?  Like, “maybe they’ll stop laughing and be more concerned if they think I’m really injured. When the EMTs arrive, I’ll gradually come to and be okay.  Then they’ll send me home early.  Ta-daaaaa.”  Doesn’t work that way though.  You have to stand up – the floor isn’t getting any cleaner – dust yourself off, and hobble back to your desk.  You have to keep moving.

Life is the same way.  You think you’re doing great.  You fall.  You fail.  You’re sure someone saw – in fact your sure everyone saw – so you want to stay there and never try again.  But God says you can get back up.  And God didn’t take your destiny or your purpose because you fell.  IT’S STILL WAITING ON YOU!

So get back up.  Start over again.  You can succeed.

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